Mandelbrot Study of Polysigned Numbers

The following images are generated by the Mandelbrot test.
These are two dimensional projections of higher dimensional spaces.
Here just a two dimensional slice is tested and graphed.
The plane of this slice is just using unit vector components of the first two
corresponding Cartesian vectors according to the standard Cartesian transform.
The coordinate notation in the images:
[P3 0.34, 1.2, 2.3]
means a three-signed number (P3) whose value is
* 0.34 - 1.2 + 2.3 .
There is a flat line limit in all of the even-signed images on the same side of the shape.
It is unlikely that this is due to a bug in the algorithm.
More likely they are related to the identity axes that exist in the even signs.
But it is really unknown why this behavior exists.
The visible nodes in the image also behave with parity.
They seem to increase for odd signs only.
An animated version is also available.
There is a closeup of the little hook at the top of the P9 Mandelbrot set image.
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